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Insanity Workout Results Are Worth the Effort

The web is flooded with pictures revealing the incredible Insanity Workout results, and we’ve already discussed the magic of maximum interval training, which the program relies on to virtually guarantee phenomenal results for those who are able to complete the program.

However, if you are considering making the Insanity investment, you really should have a true understanding of the product.  Knowing things like in depth details on the required workouts, what other people loved about the system and even potential downsides to the program can all help you make a decision on purchasing the 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program.

In terms of the required Insanity workouts, the following list will provide you with details on each workout DVD you will receive with Insanity:


  • Dig Deeper & Fit Test: A test to help you determine your level of physical fitness as you start Insanity
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit: A workout combining cardio and plyometrics (think jumping and explosive, quick movements)
  • Cardio Power & Resistance: A workout to build strength and lean out your upper body.
  • Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery: A less physically demanding workout to provide a rest for your body
  • Pure Cardio & Abs: An intense, steady cardio workout with some focus on the abs
  • Cardio Abs: A workout completely dedicated to developing your abs
  • Core Cardio & Balance: A lower intensity workout to mark the halfway point of the program
  • Max Interval Circuit: A circuit training workout that utilizes maximum interval training
  • Max Interval Plyo: Another version of the plyometrics workout from month one that is even more intense
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs: A tougher version of the cardio workout from month one with an extra focus on your abs


Reviews of the Insanity Workout Program

 The Insanity Workout results are in, and the overwhelming majority of reviews out there state that the difficult workouts are well worth the effort.  Many people emphasize the type of results and the quick pace at which they started to see changes in their body as the most positive aspects of the program.  In addition to simply losing weight, most reviewers saw huge improvements in their muscle development and major changes to their body composition occur very rapidly.

Another big plus and counter to the challenge involved in completing the workouts is the fact that they can all be done outside of a gym.  For most people, the comfort and convenience of going through the DVDs at home was a major factor in their success.  Additionally, a large portion of Insanity reviews add that completing the program made an incredible impact on their confidence and sense of accomplishment.

For those who present any downside to the program, the majority simply highlight the incredible effort required to complete the workouts.  Nevertheless, they qualify their complaint with the fact that they would repeat the program again because of the benefits they saw as a result of their effort.  There are a few reviewers who mention the price of Insanity as a potential drawback, but others are quick to point out that by comparison, the program is far more worth the expense than a gym membership that is inconvenient and less effective.

As a whole, Insanity comes highly recommended for anyone ready to face the challenge.  As an exercise program, Insanity provides over and above the results that are expected, and it delivers them in the convenience of your home.  The long line of positive reviews on practically every aspect of this workout system are evidence that if you commit to the effort, you can experience the toned muscles and awesome Insanity workout results that others have reported.



What Makes Insanity Workout Results So Impressive?

Without a doubt, Insanity Workout results are incredible for the people who are able to complete the program.  If you are interested in attempting Insanity yourself, you may be wondering exactly what sets it apart from other methods of exercise.  Why do the 40 minute Insanity workouts seem to be so much more effective than the alternative plans available? What exactly is causing such fantastic results?

We all know that Insanity is notorious for its extreme level of difficulty, but there is actually more behind the success it yields for those who use it.  The secret lies in a different take on traditional interval training, known as maximum interval training, which allows you to burn an incredible 1,000 calories in the span of an hour.  And as it turns out, this type of exercise offers even more benefits to your body, going beyond just the calories you burn while exercising.

 The Science behind Insanity

You may have heard about traditional interval training before, or you may even integrate it into your own exercise already.   On a basic level, a traditional interval workout would consist of alternating short periods of high intensity exercise with longer periods of low intensity exercise, often called the rest or recovery period.

There are many benefits to using intervals in your exercise including a stronger heart and a reduced risk of injury, but its most obvious benefit is associated with weight loss.  Using interval training has been shown to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than steady moderate exercise, both during and after your workout.

This metabolic effect is the primary goal of any interval training, but Insanity adds a unique twist to the traditional use of intervals.  Essentially, Insanity workouts switch the longer interval traditionally spent on low intensity exercise with high intensity exercise, spending much less time in the recovery or rest period.  This variation brings your heart rate into what is known as the anaerobic zone during high intensity intervals and leads to the distinctive Insanity Workout results: an even greater amount of calories burned, a stronger heart, and quickly toned muscles.

The benefits of maximum interval training are clear, but they don’t come easily, which is why this program is so incredibly difficult and definitely not for someone who wants an average workout.  That said, those that are confident they can handle the intensity are likely to see very quick changes to their body composition and Insanity Workout results they can certainly be proud of.



You Can Achieve Insanity Workout Results

The fitness market is flooded with programs that all claim they can help you achieve your highest physical goals.  Some of them even propose that their product will give you results practically by magic, with very little hard work required from you throughout the process.  The problem with these programs is that they usually don’t work and often cost you precious time and money.  The Insanity 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program is not like those other products, and you will have no doubt that Insanity workout results are authentic once you learn more about the program.

The Insanity Workout Difference

Coming from the minds at Beachbody and famed trainer Shaun T., the Insanity workout program does not claim you can reach your peak physical condition without any effort.  In fact, it claims exactly the opposite, and the name of the program indicates just how hard you will have to work if you decide to take the plunge into insanity.

While it does promise to push your physical ability to crazy levels, it also promises results: benefits that would normally take a year to develop achieved in only 60 days.  The makers of the program even guarantee that you will be happy with your Insanity Workout results, as long as you can endure the program in its entirety.

Behind the Workout

The foundation of Insanity is built on using maximum interval training to get your body working harder than it ever has before but for shorter periods of time.  As a result, the Insanity Workouts only take about 40 minutes per day on average but keep your body working efficiently the rest of the day to achieve maximum results.

Those that are ready to take on Insanity, the program described by Beachbody as the “hardest fitness program ever put on DVD,” will receive 10 workout DVDs from Shaun T., a nutrition plan, fitness guide, calendar, and online support.

There is nothing more required to do the program at home, except the drive to complete each workout.  If you have the will to push through, the program guarantees you will see the Insanity Workout results you desire.